Tuning example Bosch ME9.2.0 BMS-KP – BMW Motorrad – 1200cc

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The 2-cylinder 1.2l engine by BMW Motorrad was installed on many other GS models. In addition, the Bosch ME9.2.0 BMS-KP control unit regulates other BMW motorbike models, produced in the production years as our GS.

Therefore, this course is an ally to widen the range of vehicles on which you can offer your clients tuning!

  • Bosch ME9.2.0 BMS-KP
  • 1.2l
  • BMW Motorrad R 1200 GS Adventure

The GS series by BMW Motorrad is a synonym for great performance, aggressiveness and manageability. What if I told you that its good drivability can be improved? At Alientech, we did it, and without even laying a hand on the stock mechanical parts!

The multi-year experience in the field of Alientech’s team has allowed us to develop a tuning procedure that works in different situations. In this training, we’ll show you the tailor-made tuning procedure for the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, equipped with a Bosch ME9.2.0 BMS-KP control unit: by following all the steps, you’ll get the exact same result as we did, which has already been tested on bench for both efficiency and safety.

Don’t stop just at the model in the example: find out which other motorbikes have similar features, and can therefore be tuned starting from this procedure!

Not only will you satisfy your clients, but you’ll also enrich your knowledge: this practice offers you a set of specific and detailed information, difficult to gather elsewhere, about the engine, the control unit, the motorbike and the original file; plus, protocols with which the control unit communicates with Alientech’s tools. Your level as a tuner doesn’t matter: whether you are a beginner or a pro, you’ll find all the information you need to tune your GS Adventure!

Compatible Vehicles

Model Engine Power Model Year ECU Model
R 1200 GS (K25) 1,2L -> 1170cc 73kW 2004 ME9.2.0 BMS-KP
1,2L -> 1170cc 77kW 2008 ME9.2.0 BMS-KP
1,2L -> 1170cc 81kW 2010 ME9.2.0 BMS-KP
R 1200 GS Adventure (K25) 1,2L -> 1170cc 73kW 2006 ME9.2.0 BMS-KP
1,2L -> 1170cc 77kW 2008 ME9.2.0 BMS-KP
1,2L -> 1170cc 81kW 2010 ME9.2.0 BMS-KP


In less than 45 minutes, right from your workplace or your home, you will learn and understand how to modify the air/fuel ratio and other functions controlled by the ECU, so that maximum torque and power increase, and drivability of the most iconic BMW Enduro bike is improved! Don’t believe it? Try it yourself!


One lesson of about 45 minutes, composed by 3 sections:

First section:

in this part of the course we will describe the characteristics of the vehicle by listing version, equipment, year of production, traction and type of gearbox.

Then, we indicate all the vehicles – even of different car manufacturers – equipped with the same engine or similar version; immediately after, the specifications of the engine control unit will be specified in detail: that is the identification data and the versions for the emission classes.

In addition, we talk about the types of connection with Alientech tools – which are useful for the remapping – by indicating the protocols of use, the available functions and giving some practical advice for editing operations. Finally, the structure of the original file is presented by indicating the addresses and the various areas.

Second section:

this part directly addresses the remapping practice. After a brief introduction, we present the summary list of the maps that will be modified, the Alientech modification method and its specific application to the vehicle in question. Following the wizard of this online course, you will be able to create a mapping that will ensure high performance and guaranteed reliability.

Third section:

this last part is dedicated to the discovery of the potentialities of this remapping practice: the new increases, compared to the original settings of the vehicle in a precise and detailed chart, clarify efficaciously how this remapping practice is effective and surprising.

Tuning example Bosch ME9.2.0 BMS-KP – BMW Motorrad – 1200cc