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Tuning example TRW EMS2 - Volvo Trucks - 13.0l Diesel

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A good truck certainly doesn’t lack power!

As for consumption, rather, there is only room for improvement. Alientech has analyzed the engine of a truck Volvo FH 13.440 controlled by a TRW EMS2 engine control unit for you, and has developed this course able to guarantee positive results!


Thanks to the valuable data, the useful information and the guided procedure on the ECM Titanium software included in this course, you will be able to save hundreds of Euros by reducing the fuel consumption of your truck. Increasing vehicle torque is truly essential to improve its efficiency: thanks to Alientech’s experience, you can do it quickly, easily and at a low cost, without jeopardizing the reliability of the vehicle.


The course is aimed at both beginner tuners, who can use it to remap easily, and more experienced tuners, who can apply the modification method to other trucks and busses, both Volvo and Renault, which are equipped with the 13.0l turbo Diesel engine that we have analysed here.


Increase the opportunities for your workshop and reduce the consumption of your trucks by choosing Alientech online courses!


Technical specifications:


The 13.0l turbo Diesel engine installed in the Volvo FH 13.440 is also present in many other models of trucks and buses Volvo and Renault, albeit with different torque and power characteristics.


The TRW EMS2 control unit is installed in both Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission class vehicles. This makes it easier to apply the tuning procedure to other vehicles too!


Increasing the torque of your truck is the most convenient way to improve fuel consumption and increase efficiency: a small investment today will allow you to save much more tomorrow!



13.0 turbo Diesel

Volvo FH 13.440 turbo Diesel, 2008



One lesson of about 20 minutes, composed by 3 sections:


First section:

in this part of the course we will describe the characteristics of the vehicle by listing version, equipment, year of production, traction and type of gearbox. Then, we indicate all the vehicles – even of different car manufacturers – equipped with the same engine or similar version; immediately after, the specifications of the engine control unit will be specified in detail: that is the identification data and the versions for the emission classes. In addition, we talk about the types of connection with Alientech tools – which are useful for the remapping – by indicating the protocols of use, the available functions and giving some practical advice for editing operations. Finally, the structure of the original file is presented by indicating the addresses and the various areas.

Second section:

this part directly addresses the remapping practice. After a brief introduction, we present the summary list of the maps that will be modified, the Alientech modification method and its specific application to the vehicle in question. Following the wizard of this online course, you will be able to create a mapping that will ensure high performance and guaranteed reliability.

Third section:

this last part is dedicated to the discovery of the potentialities of this remapping practice: the new increases, compared to the original settings of the vehicle in a precise and detailed chart, clarify efficaciously how this remapping practice is effective and surprising.