Training Course – Calibration of automatic transmission

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With this course you will learn and understand principal and required information to modify the original file of any type of automatic transmission. In addition to unlocking the maximum engine performance, you will be able to improve the shifting fluidity and decrease the time it takes to switch from one gear to another.Within the course you will also find some practical cases, to better understand how to apply the information learned, and Learning Checks to test yourself.

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  • Course objectives
Elements of automatic transmissions
  • Brief description of the components of automatic transmissions
  • Elements of the kinematic chain
  • “Chemistry” of automatic transmissions
  • ECU interfacing with TCU
Operating technologies
  • Quick distinction between the different types of automatic transmissions
  • Gear selection and shifting strategy
  • Main sensors, actuators and automatic gear selector
LEARNING CHECK - Session one
  • Learning Check
Automatic transmission control strategy
  • Automatic transmission control strategy: Introduction
  • Main control parameters of automatic transmissions
The automatic transmissions with torque converter
  • Torque converter: Introduction
  • Torque converter operation
The CVT transmsission
  • CVT transmsission: Introduction
  • CVT automatic transmissions operation
The robotic automatic transmissions
  • Automatic robotic transmissions: Introduction
  • Automatic robotic transmissions operation
The Dual-clutch automatic transmissions
  • Dual-clutch transmissions: Introduction
  • Dual-clutch transmissions operation
  • Learning Check
How to set up a tuning procedure
  • Method used for practical cases
Practice case 1
  • Description of DSG-DQ250 MQB (0D9) transmission
  • Practice case 1: Specific characteristics
  • Practice case 1: Tuning procedure
  • Practice case 1: Performance, results and diagnostics
Practice case 2
  • Description of DL501 VAG – 0B5 transmission
  • Practice case 2: Specific characteristics
  • Practice case 2: Tuning procedure
  • Practice case 2: Performance, results and diagnostics
Practice case 3
  • Description of DDCT C635 FCA transmission
  • Practice case 3: Specific characteristics
  • Practice case 3: Tuning procedure
  • Practice case 3: Performance, results and diagnostics
Training Course – Calibration of automatic transmission