Tuning example Continental SIMOS 18.10 – VAG – 2.0l petrol

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Porsche Macan is equipped with 2.0l TFSI engine with 180 kW of maximum power and a 7-speed automatic transmission (PDK).

Alientech technicians developed this tuning training example specifically for this engine to improve performance without compromising the reliability of the vehicle.

  • 2.0l TFSI
  • Porsche Macan (95B), 2019, turbo petrol engine

From 0 to 60 mph in roughly 4 seconds, thanks to the  2.0l turbocharged 4-cylinder powerful engine of this 2019 Porsche Macan.

A user-friendly infotainment system and a superior comfortable drive make this luxury SUV more similar to a sport sedan performing very well in almost any handling situation. If you want to reach the maximum from this engine, check this remapping practice specifically created by Alientech technicians.

This tuning procedure will provide you with all the information you need to know to tune the CONTINENTAL SIMOS18.10 ECU. The same ECU is equipped on many other vehicles sharing the Macan engine, check below all the vehicles on which you can apply this tuning procedure:

Compatible vehicles with the same engine, ECU, but different maximum power:

Model name Engine model Nominal power
Porsche Macan (95B) DKNA 180kW
Audi   A4 B9-FL (8W) 40 TFSI DLVA 140kW
Audi   S3   (8V Mk3) 2.0 TFSI OPF DNUE 221kW
Audi   SQ2 (GA) 2.0 TSI OPF DNUE 221kW
Audi   Q3 (F3) 45 TFSI DKTA 169kW
Audi   Q3 (F3) 40 TFSI DKTC 140kW
Audi   TT Mk3 (8S) 45 TFSI DKT 180kW
Audi   TT S Mk3 (8S) 2.0 TFSI DNUF 225kW
Seat Leon Cupra (5F Mk2) 2.0 TSI 290 (OPF) DNUC 213kW
Seat   Leon Cupra (5F Mk2) 2.0 TSI Cupra ST 300 4Drive DNUE 221kW
Skoda Octavia RS (5E-FL) DLBA 180kW
Skoda   Superb III (3V) 2.0 TSI DNUA 200kW
VW Golf VII Mk2 (AU) GTI “Performance” DLBA 180kW
VW   Golf VII Mk2 (AU) GTI TCR DNUC 213kW
VW   Golf VII Mk2 (AU) R. DNUE,   DJHA 221kW,   228kW
VW   Passat B8 (3G-FL) 2.0 TSI OPF DNUA 200kW
VW   Arteon 2.0 TSI OPF 4Motion DNUA 200kW
VW   Tiguan (AD1) 2.0 TSI OPF 4Motion DNJA 169kW
VW   T-Roc (A1) R 4Motion DNUE 221kW
Cupra Ateca (KH7) 300 2.0 TSI OPF DNUE 221kW


Whether you are an expert or a beginner, it doesn’t matter. You can decide to follow step by step the procedure specifically developed for this engine and control unit or use it as a starting point to integrate with your experience as a tuner. The choice is yours.Our technicians are very attentive to safety. All the steps of this practical example will lead you, in just 20 minutes, to safe results already tested on the test bench. Guaranteed by Alientech!

Unleash all the possibilities given from this online tuning practice, choose Alientech Academy!


A tuning practical example lasting around 20 minutes, composed of 3 sections:

First section:

in this part of the tuning practice, we will describe the characteristics of the vehicle by listing version, equipment, year of production, traction, and type of gearbox. Then, we indicate all the vehicles – even of different car manufacturers – equipped with the same engine or similar version; immediately after, the specifications of the engine control unit will be specified in detail: that is the identification data and the versions for the emission classes. In addition, we talk about the types of connection with Alientech tools – which are useful for the remapping – by indicating the protocols of use, the available functions, and giving some practical advice for editing operations. Finally, the structure of the original file is presented by indicating the addresses and the various areas.

Second section:

this part directly addresses the remapping practice. After a brief introduction, we present the summary list of the maps that will be modified, the Alientech modification method, and its specific application to the vehicle in question. Following the wizard of this practical example, you will be able to create a mapping that will ensure high performance and guaranteed reliability.

Third section:

this last part is dedicated to the discovery of the potentialities of this remapping practice: the new increases, compared to the original settings of the vehicle in a precise and detailed chart, clarify efficaciously how this remapping practice is effective and surprising.

Tuning example Continental SIMOS 18.10 – VAG – 2.0l petrol